Why “Upcycled Electronics”?

Upcycled: All of my products are made with as many recycled bits and pieces as possible, from the bands to the clasps and from the wires to the baubles found on each item.

Electronics: Most items are made by allowing my inner child to do fun things with electricity.

Cacophonous Creations?

What’s the use in creating something if you can’t create a little cacophonous joy with it? *weg*

A bit of background:

I’m new to the black magic side of things and only have a vague personal history with the hardware side, so the majority of the figuring out and explaining to me of things was done by those residing on a much higher plane of dorkdom than I. Luckily, they let me visit every once and a while. For the most part, I provide project and design ideas, poke at things for a while, ask a million questions using jargon that probably only makes sense to me… and busily find new ways to bork things. Happiness was discovered when I found out if you break things just right they actually work!

The majority of my projects come to life via crowd sourcing ideas/ techniques and open source information, the how-to and what-not of my projects will be transparent for your poking pleasure. Take from it what you will, may what is contained herein be the springboard from which you will develop your own projects  and defy your programming.

Stay tuned! For those of you who just want to support the geekgirl hobby-ist, I will be selling many items based on the projects contained in this blog in the near future.

In the mean time, if you like what you see and want to help fund these projects and want to help bring many others to life:


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