Soft Circuits: flexible electrical circuits constructed on the surface or embedded in textiles. Such a circuit is created using various conductive materials and fabrics in conjunction with discrete electronics. See also: eTextiles, electronic Textiles

Want to learn how to add lights to fabric? Create interactive clothing? On the 4th Saturday of each month Lovecraft Bar hosts soft circuit workshops!

What should you expect at a typical workshop?

  • a make & take project*
  • short presentation explaining the hows, whats, and whys of the project you’ll work on that day

*Past workshops have included making a plush ornament, a patch, light up voodoo doll, and a cuff. 

Who should attend? Everyone! 

Whether you are new to the world of tech or a mad soldering genius, you’ll definitely get something out of them.  Sewing with conductive thread is similar on the surface to soldering, in that you are creating a circuit, but it requires a completely different skill set. There are many things to keep in mind with sewing that you wouldn’t necessarily need to pay attention to when soldering.

Average Fee*: $5 for supplies + sliding scale of $5- $15 for the workshop

*The fee varies depending on the actual supplies needed for each workshop.

Cash and credit card payments will be accepted before the workshop begins.

Please RSVP by sending an email to CacophonousCreations@gmail.com. This will help make certain I bring enough supplies.

Want to attend but forgot to RSVP? You can still attend! I’ll have extra supplies.

Expectations: My goal is to motivate and foster confidence of the participants, so they can advance on their own. I’d love to help build a community of able “e-textile”-ists, who go on to do more interesting things individually or as a group.

Whether it is helping people get up to speed with a subset of technology or joining the community  helping it form and bloom are wonderful things I hope these workshops achieve in some small part.

Venue: I’m aware of the boundaries this particular venue creates for some people wishing to attend, for instance you must be over 21 years old, I’ll happily offer these workshops to a younger crowd upon request at a younger person friendly venue.

Okay, honesty time…

My sneaky, what I really wanna do, not-so-hidden agenda: I would LOVE to teach specifically designed workshops to kids in order  to break down gender barriers in the tech and sewing worlds by providing a safe, fun, friendly environment to practice sewing and learn how to design circuits.

Have an idea for a project or workshop? Awesome! Please send your request to CacophonousCreations@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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