In the Beginning there was Magic Smoke

The first project that has monopolized my time and will soon find itself in many fun forms for public playing and pranking: 2 versions of the TV B Gone!

With the $3.50 TVBGone Micro and Adafruit as a guide, a Teensy 2.0 or Teensy++ 1.0 as an isp, LOTS of time and effort from Monty “BittyBot” Goodson (and a few other awesome people with DorkbotPDX) answering my million & one questions, I think I’m finally ready to bring these Mischief Makers to light.

  • Mischief Maker version 1 is very similar to the version in the Instructable by Dark Sponge. The modifications to the latter version are done as the project dictates. Example: Adding resistors and visible LEDs when installing the device in a stuffed animal, whose eyes glow as it mysteriously turns off the television and indicates to kids they should be outside splashing in puddles and skinning knees instead of staring into the glowing abyss.
  • Mischief Maker version 2 features a smaller-than-you’ve-ever-seen board, with an active area measuring only 0.68″ x 0.4″! It started as the Brushbot Comm board used for the Swarm Bot project designed by the guys with PARTS, and shrank to its current size over two generations.

Both Mischief Makers are using a modified version of the 1.2 firmware from Lady Ada’s kit that allows for the changes in hardware between the kit sold on her site, the Instructable Dark Sponge designed for the 1.1 firmware, and the board design of the Mischief Maker 2.0.


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